KF is the trend setter in retail and hospitality industry in this region. The versatile and diversified modus operandi due to multiple formats for retail and hospitality filled up the gaps that was there in this region.
The business was incorporated in the year 2006. Thereafter, every year the business grew as a new formats were added to its basket of offerings.   
The North Eastern India has tremendous potential for growth as the market is untapped and under developed. We believe modern organized retail and hospitality has the power to strengthen the economy, create grass root employment and contribute significantly to social inclusion. Through our network of customers and suppliers, we are conscious of the economic, social and environmental impact of our activities.   
We believe the challenges of inequity in our robust and growing domestic economy need to be tackled through sustainable development.


We shall be efficient, cost- conscious and committed to quality in whatever we do. We shall ensure that our positive attitude, sincerity, humility and united determination shall be the driving force to make us successful. 


To become the number one by maintaining the highest quality and therefore delighting our customers.

Looking after the well being of our employees as they are of utmost importance to us.  

Contributing to the community we live in and our country.


Committed to a healthy and happy earth, KF Hotel has implemented many eco-friendly processes for energy saving and water preservation, responsible waste management as well as measures to control water, noise and environmental pollution.
Caring for the Environment&Energy Conservation
  • LED lighting and CFL Lighting: both consume far less energy than traditional lighting
  • Key Tag Energy Saver System: conserves energy in unoccupied rooms
  • Natural/day lighting: reduces power consumption dramatically
  • Double Glazed Vacuum Sealed Windows: conserves energy (by ~ 5%) and reduces noise 
  • Energy-Efficient Hydro-Pneumatic System with Variable-frequency Drive (VFD) motors for water supply: ensures constant pressure and reduces load on pumps 
  • LT Voltage Stabilizer: is energy saving and prevents damage to equipment due to sudden power fluctuations 
  • Use of BEE certified equipment e.g. air-conditioner, refrigerator, fans, etc.: reduces energy consumption 
  • Rubber Wood: environmentally friendly as it makes use of trees that have already served a useful function. 
  • Particle Board : engineered wood manufactured from wood chips, sawmill shavings or saw dust Noise Pollution Management 
  • Double Glazed Vacuum Sealed Windows: reduces external noise level below 50 decibels 
  • Noiseless Generators: acoustically insulated, the sound level is dampened to a minimal level Operational Practices 
  • Laundry Paper/Cloth bags instead of plastic: environmentally friendly 
  • Recycled Garbage Bio-degradable Bags: environmentally friendly 
  • Pencils not plastic pens


KF Hotel offers you the opportunity to stay without a worry by ensuring that you are safe from security hazards at all times. KF is committed to addressing any crisis situation effectively and rapidly. Our strategy to manage a crisis is to have a well-trained team in place. We are prepared, with effective tactical tools, to assist and protect our guests, customers, team members as well as our company assets.
Some of the measures in practice are:
  • CCTVs located in all public areas especially at strategic points
  • Individual fire indicators outside each room to expedite emergency response in case of a fire emergency 
  • Wide angle peephole on room entrance doors 
  • Double lock facility in the main room door interactions 
  • Emergency procedures notice displayed behind the entrance door 
  • Water sprinklers in each room for enhanced fire safety 
  • Entrance door and bathroom doors can be double locked from the inside 
  • Low level signage on all our buildings 
  • 24x7 power backup


With 300+ people working with us, the KF team is very passionate about the word TeamWork. The broad spectrum of Service Industry and related fields, KF offers lucrative opportunities each and every day to build a challenging yet rewarding career. Together, we can create the milestone.
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